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firefox config updates
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lots of reading lately
movies and books, as usual
movies and books
books - a bunch of books
movies and books
books and movies
more movies
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books for 2018 - done for January probably
new batch of movies
movies and books and reading and such
books and movies
more movies
more Critierion
books and movies
books and movies
semi-regular book/movies update
movies and MST3Ks
tracking MST3K episodes
2017-03-18 stuff
books and movies
pick-ups from library 2017-01-14
2017 books
movies, and lots of them
movies from Black Friday
movies and books
giving up on including the code on screen for now
smux - getting the pre format right
smux - getting the pre format right
smux - getting the pre format right
smux - getting the pre format right
smux - getting the quoting right
smux - final layout looks okay
smux - raw=yes for the inline
:Merge branch 'master' of /srv/git/killfile
smux - more tweaks
smux - more tweaks
smux - remembering how to load these scripts
smux - making prettier
smux - fixing the link
smux - docs and sharing
reading, reading
TFTM, Civil War
updated books
updated books and movies
firefox work
more Blu-Rays
movies galore
BvS date
Batman vs Superman review
new Blu-rays, read 4 tpbs
playing with stylesheets for Feedly
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more movies
Rifftrax Shorts have arrived
2016 books are started
More Criterions
new Blu-Rays from Goodwill
new firefox plugin list
more library movies
movies and such
movies update
another couple of loads of movies
books and comics
updated movie lists
movies, so many movies
movies and books
updated movies
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lots of book updates
Firefox - adding a few more plugins
lots of books
moving tpbs to Google Docs?
Teaching Company - adding the Mahler course
2015 books, and more movie listings; and I bought a bunch more Teaching
Company stuff too
books and movies, as usual
2015 - books
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year 2014
books and movies
books and movies, as always
Peanuts Books
recent updates
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